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We offer Texas residents fair-priced, straightforward electricity plans, and the tools to reduce usage during times of high demand - for cash rewards.

Let's Talk About Texas

In the wake of the extreme weather events in Texas, it's clear that the Texas grid needs to change as well, that's why OhmConnect Energy has been formed. Our technology empowers users like you to participate in that change through our energy saving events (OhmHours).
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Our Current Energy Sources

In Texas, we rely on the Texas power grids for our energy. The grids are, in general, a reliable source of energy. But as we have all experienced, when demand spikes, the grid can get overwhelmed and fail. By taking action and actively reducing energy usage during spikes, we can reward you for saving energy and maintain the grid: a simple, rewarding, and effective solution to energy sustainability. The grid stays on, the lights stay on, and you get cash in you pocket.

The Future of Reliable Energy

OhmConnect Energy is already helping hundreds of thousands of residential customers earn cash rewards for saving energy and reducing stress on the grid! The great thing about this model is that the more people who get involved, the better the system works. It's already working great, and it only gets better from here.
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Green Energy and Sustainablity

Every OhmConnect Energy customer actively reduces carbon emissions when they engage in our energy saving events! Our energy plans are designed to help you become effortlessly energy efficient and reduce stress on the grid.

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