Get Paid to
Save Energy

Get Paid to Save Energy

With OhmConnect Energy, it's easy to get rewarded for saving energy. It starts with an OhmHour and ends with money in your pocket.

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Where does the money come from?

In Texas, our electricity comes from a wide variety of sources. Some are cheap... and some aren't. As the demand for electricity grows on a hot August day when we're blasting the A/C, or a frigid February night when we've turned up the heat, we need to turn to more expensive energy as the stress on the grid rises.

That's where we come in. During periods of high demand, we give you the opportunity to reduce your energy usage and help reduce stress on the system. We "sell" the power our customers save back to the grid, and then pass those rewards to you. The grid stays balanced, the lights stay on, and you get paid. That's a smarter way to consume energy.
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OhmHours 101

OhmHours are when the big savings happen! OhmHours occur when the grid predicts an energy surge in the next 24 hours. We'll notify you that an OhmHour is coming up (via SMS, email, or app notification), and give you the opportunity to conserve energy for rewards.

Need that energy? No problem. We give you 24 hours advance notice of an OhmHour, and make it easy to opt out if you don't wish to participate. Simple, right?

Signing Up is Simple

It's easy to switch and start saving! Just click the link below and follow our prompts.

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How much can I earn with OhmConnect Energy?

How much you earn with OhmConnect Energy is up to you. The the smarter you are with your energy choices, the more you'll save.

Get Smarter About Savings

The best way to get notified about an OhmHour is through opting into our text and email notifications, where you can earn rewards with just one click!
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What is Smart Energy?

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Smart devices, like smart plugs and smart thermostats, help you regulate the energy in your home at the push of a button. The more smart devices you've set up in your home, the more you can earn! Plus, with smart devices you can automate your savings, so when OhmHours occur, you don't have to lift a finger to get rewarded.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Because "It Just Works"

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This is the most amazing my program ! Not only do we have the chance to win amazing prizes we also help save the planet.

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Desire Wall
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Great job, team OhmConnect. You are really pushing people to save electricity in innovative ways! Thanks for everything you do!

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Sankalp Jhingran
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I'm so happy I found ohm. I have made a ton of money saving energy. It's become a family event now. My kids love spinning the wheel to see what they win. Its been such a blessing.

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Kristin Stewart

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