Save money on
electricity bills.

It's time to get more from your power company - like reliable, affordable electricity at fixed rate.

Signing up is the easiest way to get rewarded for saving energy when it's most expensive.

Get paid to save energy.

Sign up for a fixed-rate electricity plan and access our rewards program.

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We'll let you know when
electricity is most expensive, and help you use less

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By saving energy, you'll automatically be saving money - which means lower bills

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Cash to offset your bills, weekly prizes and gift cards from brands you love just for saving energy

The smartest plugs
earn you rewards.

Connect a smart plug to automatically save energy while earning rewards.

Don't have a plug? No problem. We have great deals to help you start
saving right away.
Get Started

Know when electricity is
expensive (and when to save)

We'll let you know when electricity prices are at their highest and
when energy is at its dirtiest so you can save.

It's true you can make money by saving energy.

When we reduce our energy usage during periods of high energy demand, we collectively reduce stress on the grid.

We then "sell" the power our customers save back to the grid, and pass the rewards on to you. Simple, smart, and reliable.

OhmConnect Energy disrupts the industry, not your power.

With more extreme weather events and a stressed grid, power reliability is no longer guaranteed.
OhmConnect Energy has arrived in Texas with technology that empowers you to save energy for cash rewards
and help prevent power outages, all while lowering your bill.


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Fixed-Rate Plans.
No Hidden Fees

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Get Paid to Save Energy

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Lower Your Bill
While You Earn Rewards,
All Year Long

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Safeguard the Grid and
Gain Protection from Unexpected Power Outages

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Friendly and Helpful Live Agents Available, 24/7

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$30 for Every Referral that Becomes an Active Customer

Still stuck in a contract? Moving soon? We can remind you when it's time to switch.

Switching electricity providers is easy to do, and shouldn't stop you from making a switch for savings. Fill out this form and we'll send you an email reminder when it's time to switch to OhmConnect Energy. Don't miss out on your chance to get paid to save energy!
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Because "It Just Works"

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We've been using Ohm for years and have also referred our friends and neighbors. They are very transparent and make it fun to save energy.

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Anne Carter
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I love OhmConnect. It reminds me to save energy and pays me to do so!

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If you can get ohm plugs or smart plugs, you can put them on your big appliances and automatically turn them off during ohm hours for even more energy saved.

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Jessica Redmond
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A Fixed-Rate Plan That Fits Your Lifestyle

Texans can choose between fair, fixed-rate plans that work for your energy needs. Browse our most popular plans to get started.

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